We love getting together for spiritual growth as well as fun and friendship.  Whether through regular weekly meetings, activities, or special events, there is always a way to connect with each other.  We love having a laid-back atmosphere where all are welcome and we can just keep it real.
Regular Meetings:

Sunday ServiceSunday morning, 11a.m.
The main meeting is casual and friendly.  You can expect an expressive and lively time of worship followed by a time of teaching as we explore God’s Word together.  Children’s church is provided for the young ones during this time.  A fun, social time for enjoying tea, coffee and cakes immediately follows the meeting.

Bible StudyWednesday evening, 7:30p.m.
Our Bible study continues as a casual meeting where we read and discuss the Bible together in an open forum, either by topic or scripture.  It is a great way to get deeper and share personal insights into what God is saying through the Bible.

PrayerWednesday morning, 11a.m., First Sunday evening monthly, 6p.m. 
This is a time to seek God and His will for our community together.  We also are intent to pray specifically each week for people in our own community, fellow churches across Ireland and Europe, and internationally for nations.



DCF Kids – After the worship time on Sunday mornings, the children participate in their own time of Bible Stories, songs, games and crafts while the adults continue with the regular meeting.  Ages 4-11.

His Sweet Delights Ladies’ Ministry – Every few months, our ladies enjoy getting together for special times of sharing, dining, pampering and various other activities that bring fun and encouragement  into life.

DCF Men’s Ministry – Our men also like to get together every few months for great Saturday breakfasts, bonfires and other fun adventures that both strengthen friendships and provide a great atmosphere for honest conversation.


Special Events:

DCF Family Retreat – This seasonal event is an opportunity for everyone who wants break away and have some rest and fun together.

"The Waters" Worship Event – a special evening of worship that takes place a couple times a year.  It is a time to just enjoy the presence of God and give Him praise in a free-flowing way. 

Guest Speaker Evenings – Although never on a set schedule, we are thankful for being able to host various people from Ireland and abroad.



We are a vibrant Christian community with a progressive, contemporary meeting incorporating traditional values.
With regular weekly meetings, activities, or special events, there is always a way for people to connect with God and each other.
We love our town and want to be a blessing to all those we meet, doing as much as we can for the whole community.
A Vibrant Christian Community In Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, Ireland.
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